The King's Assassin [Thranduil]

The King's Assassin [Thranduil]

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The Great Greenwood used to be a merry place filled with parties you'll never forget and people you'll always remember. King Thranduil and his lovely wife Queen Elodiel ruled the land with their kin dancing until the ends of the forest even the beautiful elven path that leads to their kingdom was filled with much beauty.

but now Thranduil sat on his Throne with an empty throne next to him. The gates were shut and his cold heart was broken. He sat there emotionless listening to the cries of his people as they weep and the sorrow that lingered through the whole kingdom. Thranduil gripped the sides of his throne trying to not think of that day,

 the day his world came falling apart the day he lost everything. 

Read as Thranduil tries to get over his only love or can he? Will he find a new love? Or will he succumb to his aching heart?

[I do not own any characters that belong to JRR Tolkien nor do I own the cover]

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- - Mar 30, 2017
You want to know what I think? Heartbreaking. That's what I think. *cries silent tears*
ROMINAA12002 ROMINAA12002 Jul 10, 2016
Omgggggg   😢😢😢😭😭😭   thranduiiiil my king    ((( i loved it   it was sooo good)))
FangirlBookworm21 FangirlBookworm21 May 25, 2016
TshMrphy TshMrphy Aug 13, 2016
*sound of shattering glass* that was the sound of my heart disintegrating into atoms
Claire_Montoire Claire_Montoire Dec 29, 2015
Do you really wanna know what I think? I'm crying and this song broke my heart! I can't describe what I feel... 😭😓💔🎶
Metalicana Metalicana Dec 02, 2015
16 times I've read this book. And my heart still clench at the intense emotions with the song acting as a fuel to the fire.