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Safe (Rin Okumura x Reader)

Safe (Rin Okumura x Reader)

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HaniiMii By SweetNBitter Updated May 04, 2016

"MWAHAHAHA" A terrifying voice was heard        "Hello my son"         .........       Yes it is a demon.  But it's not just any demon that you see everyday. Higher than the highest ranking demons to be summoned. Ruler of the 7 kings. Yes, It is no other than Satan. The king of the world Gehena. The ruler and the most powerful demon in the other world other than Assiah.       Now that Rin Okumura's foster father was taken over by Satan, who was said that if this powerful demon were to take over a body, it would perish in a matter of seconds or minutes.      .......        Rin's old man dies protecting him from Satan's plans. He fought using his last minutes in Assiah to fight the awful demon... Yet Satan is still alive. He did this  to protect Rin.... And Assiah?    What are you gonna do when you see the love of your life in a painful state?                      A/N:I'm just basing this on the real story. I'm adding things and some things may change too ^__^ Go try reading the manga cause it is awesome! *ships you with Rin* xoxo Ao no Exorcist

u know what I just realized..... Shiro said that demons possess people who are like themselves...... and satan possessed ..Shiro... and satan is a demon/king of demons
                              im no saying shiro is a bad person..... just a thought
-DreamKiller- -DreamKiller- Nov 19, 2016
I read the description of the story and yes,  the manga is awesome but I've only read books 1, 2, & 3 because my bookstore didn't have the rest of the books
RedScarlet26 RedScarlet26 Feb 07, 2015
Hola, ¿Qué tal? soy de habla latina y mi inglés no es muy pulido entonces mando el mensaje en español xp posiblemente sea más problemático y tal pero bueno...
                              me llamó mucho la atención este escrito, voy a continuar leyendo. Jo, estoy emocionada, espero continúes la historia n.n/
- - Dec 02, 2014
I just started reading this but it I am very pleased that you highlight what they say.
SweetNBitter SweetNBitter Sep 07, 2014
NOTE: When I have time I'll edit the parts and my mistakes to make it more realistic >.< It was my first time doing this at that time so..... I got carried away ^^ hihi
kirstengaven kirstengaven Jun 06, 2014
The shorter update is easy to read :3 huehue. keep up the good work!