L Lawliet & Angel (Death Note Love Story)

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Heather Robertson By GingerNightDream Completed
An American girl Angel Watterson has always felt shy around people. While on vacation in England her and her parents get into a horrible accident taking both of thier lives. Angel is taken in with open arms by Watari. although the trama of the accident she slips into a coma before she's able to meet our beloved L. waiting 2 years for her to wake L visits her every day until she finaly awakens. L feels that she is now his Angel since she opened his eyes to the world. when she does wake up L and Angel become close never leaving eachothers side. until a few days after her 10th birthday L announces he has to leave and wont return for a very long time. Depressed and lonely Angel doesnt give up hope as she counts the days until L's return. but Watari sends information on every investagation that L tries to solve in order to keep her up to date on her friend. after 6 long years her wish comes true when L ask that Angel help with the Kira investagation. aside from the investagation they admit they love each other. but, Angel is worried for L's life. will Angel be able to protect him?
this made me go "Awwwww!" at an unreasonably loud volume....XD it's ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Squeals enthusiastically* That would be so amazing!!!! I wish you luck!! :D
I remember reading this series and that I never commented on any of the books. Awesome I loved them sooooo much! (I like how Taylor Swift is cast as Angle!!)
Oy, this is very well written so far, but I'm sorry when I looked at the cast and saw Taylor Swift, I about died.. Why her, out of curiosity? I mean, angel in every shape and form because that's her personality, but it just doesn't seem to fit. Or does it?