Boarding School

Boarding School

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When Sammy's parents got divorced, she didn't mind at all, because she knew that they weren't meant to be together, and if they weren't happy with each other, then they don't have to stay together for her sake.
She lived with her mom, and her dad visited regularly, when he could get away from his work; running a top class private boarding school.
Her mom turns on her when her favourite person leaves town, and her life slowly starts losing meaning, and she can't think of anything that makes her happy, except being with her best friend. Then, she goes too...
With nothing making her happy in her small town, she makes a life-changing decision, that she thinks will benifit her, and make her life all that she wanted. Or, it could go very wrong and be worse than staying where she is.

"Dad, I want to live with you" I told him over the phone, in tears. Nothing new there.
"Samantha, you know I'd love you too, but there isn't any school around this area, remember? My school is in the countryside, with nothing within a short driving dinstance" he all but rejected me.
"Then can I move schools? Attend your boarding school?"
He was silent, then let out a long sigh of defeat.
"I'll enroll you now. Pack your things, I'll send a car in the morning for you."
That was all I needed to hear, and I was thrilled. Without making noise, I danced around my room and repeatedly thanked him.

Later that night, after the usual abuse, I silently packed my things when she was passed out. I hurried in doing it, and stored them at the back of my closet so she couldn't see them when she checked up on me.
You're doing it, Sammy. You're finally getting out of here; away from all the bitchy girls, your mom, and old memories with Fletcher. I'm proud of you, girl...

Mickie30309 Mickie30309 Jun 25, 2017
I feel like the perfect song for them would be mess I made by parachute
EllaWinchester17 EllaWinchester17 Apr 23, 2017
It kinda sounds like he was upset about moving. I don't get why she isn't sadder that he has to leave😞
bottomlesspit2023 bottomlesspit2023 Oct 08, 2017
I understand that she got upset that he lied but he had the best intentions. He didn't want to have to hurt her but she just didn't understand. Hopefully she realizes how much of a jerk she actually was.
raynes_in_a_flash raynes_in_a_flash Apr 18, 2016
If they started dating in grade 8 and its been 3 years she should be going into junior year... Just saying
HeidiTayl0r HeidiTayl0r Jan 11, 2016
She was way to harsh on him, seriously take a chill pill women
XxXSkyHunterXxX XxXSkyHunterXxX Jan 07, 2016
I like the intro, it makes you intrested I reading furthermore 😊