Night Rider

Night Rider

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Night Rider - A httyd and Hiccstrid book.

-Astrid's pov-

8 years. That's how long it has been. 8 lonely, cold, devastating years of my life that I will never get back. Every night I dream the same dream - every night the same day returns to haunt me over and over. That day dramatically changed my life for the worst. Why did that day happen? 

Everyone learnt to leave me in peace in the morning. Everyone knew my deepest, darkest secret that changed people's opinions of me forever. Everyone knew my arch enemy, but only 2 people know why he is my arch enemy. My friends still talk to me, just not in the same way as they used to - it's almost as if they are scared of me, or don't want to be associated with me.

One day I want this to change. One day I want my life to turn around. One day I will truely be me again. One day I will be happy. One day I will be free. I cannot see that day in the forseeable future, but I know it will come, and I know somehow it is connected to my enemy.

*I know that it is an over-used story line but I tried to spice it up a little. Kinda like how you may always eat a Chicken Masala and then you try a Vindaloo - they're both food and both curries but one is different from the other*

There are extra chapters at the end containing side-stories of this book. It will make more sense when you read the chapter titled: 'The little boat' near the end of the book, but the actual story is 60 chapters long.

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