There are only two thing we have for sure: mind and body. But what happens if you don't own your body? -Anadel is riveting short story of a visitor on the search for his true identity.

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  • cancerpatient
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K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Sep 11, 2017
 #WNC should there be and (of) after (wrinkles)? "...wrinkles (of) his arm."
K_E_Francis K_E_Francis Sep 11, 2017
 #WNC I really liked this chapter. I only found one mistake to point out. It was a smooth read for the entire time with a lot of detail, which is something I really like in books. It for sure makes me was to read more to find out what happens to him next. Let me know when you update this next:)
marwards marwards Sep 27, 2017
Hey! I really think you’re a great writer! Can you pls enter my writing contest? Thank you so much!❤️❤️❤️