Best Friends For Never

Best Friends For Never

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Pia By pialikesfood Updated Jan 13, 2015

Nate and Talia have always been best friends. Right from the start they were inseparable. Inevitably, Talia had been secretly crushing on Nate, but when he suddenly moved to England he broke her heart and completely changed her.

Now Nate's back and let's just 'The New Talia' isn't his favourite Talia. Talia may hate Nate now, but will they feel differently when they begin to know each other again?  

With a group of friends all set to play cupid and a tendency to always end up in crazy situations together, will these two best friends stay best friends for never, or will it turn into something more than that?

Cover by NaturallyFiona

SerenityRWilliams SerenityRWilliams Oct 03, 2016
Please tell me she's not this annoying in the following chapters.
SerenityRWilliams SerenityRWilliams Oct 03, 2016
She's 15, she's old enough to know how stupid she's being. A 12 year old doing this I would understand but at 15 you should know better.
-psychedelic- -psychedelic- Dec 24, 2016
actually he seems really easy to miss he's literally a clone of every other blonde haired blue eyed guy
xSpecialChildx xSpecialChildx Oct 11, 2016
Damn how does one achieve this level of pettiness?
                              Like I'm so lazy I'd drop after a day 😂😂
thenishatnoor thenishatnoor Oct 13, 2016
Okay.. It's not his choice and plus if you were put in his situation how would you tell him?
ThisQueenSlays216 ThisQueenSlays216 Aug 25, 2016
Well... If he's moving to England then I'm moving to Russia! I do not want to see his ass!