Endgame {CoC Cormac's POV} |18+|✔

Endgame {CoC Cormac's POV} |18+|✔

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K. A. Young By SerenityR0se Completed


Book 1.5 of The Deliverance Series


Code of Conduct {Cormac Arin's POV}

We've seen the story through Rose's eyes and now we take a closer look with a wider perspective through the third council member's.

Spoilers obviously.

Make sure to read Code of Conduct before reading this perspective.

This is not the sequel, merely a retelling of the tale with very drastic insights.


Highest Ranking: #13 in Vampire

⚠ This book has sexual content and intended for audiences 18+. Read at your own risk.

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Cover by: Faith Adilad

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MumIWontStopReading MumIWontStopReading Sep 12, 2017
lyradelilah lyradelilah Sep 12, 2017
My dreams and wishes is granted by my beloved Vampire Queen, thank you so very much!!!
Esha_01 Esha_01 Mar 28
Reading this book again to understand transgression better 😂😂💖@SerenityR0se
Aliya1000 Aliya1000 Sep 11, 2017
I'm so ready to read this that I can't go onto the first chapter *bites lip and tries my hardest to move onto the next chapter* by the way Code Of Conduct was the best story I've read so far.....I hope for more
Self_Authentic Self_Authentic Oct 05, 2017
I thought this was gonna be the same but just with cotmacs pov so that's why I didn't want to read this a first place. I now know how wrong I was.  So  think making a different book is more suitable. Plus it's feels like a prequel.
Emptynester44 Emptynester44 Dec 18, 2017
It is going to be a wild ride to see how his mind actually works..