Living Through The Years

Living Through The Years

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An assignment for her sociology class leads Rachel to find out more about her family history, spanning nearly a century, from 1920s Chicago to present day Los Angeles. 

When the stock market crashes, a man feels tormented after losing almost everything and leaving his family in poverty. And the only way to numb the awareness of his failures is by turning to alcohol. 

Another seemingly happy young, successful father and husband struggles with his feelings for an African-American man who works for his wife's father, during a time when homosexuality is seen as a mental illness and racism is flagrant. 

An addict tries to keep herself clean after she has a family but, as cocaine becomes the popular drug of choice, and a close friend dies, she falls hard back into her old habits. 

And Rachel's own mother questions whether or not to keep her child after getting pregnant while attending university. That only opens up a whole argument about abortion she doesn't want to hear.

Every family's got their struggles, right?

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                              So far, Rachel comes off as a really insecure young adult to the point of nitpicking over every single detail about herself. If that’s how you want to portray her, I think you did a great job illustrating it.
                              Parents should have an apostrophe after the "s" not a comma
Hmmmm this seems to run off the wrong way, it seems so jealousy to me...
                              Ha, I can relate to this to an extent. I’m always mistaken as a high school freshman when in reality I’m not even in high school anymore.
                              It’s small, but I like the mention of the music being a bit too loud. In real life parties, the music is always booming loud, so it’s nice to see characters struggle to talk over it. It makes the scene more realistic.
@Highland_Dancer You're the second person who's pointed out the cursing thing. It's so weird to me. We watch movies where people use the f-word. I've also read many books that use the word too. I know it's your personal preference but for someone to be put off by that is just... weird to me.