Bad Moon Rising {Supernatural}

Bad Moon Rising {Supernatural}

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kaz By deadcooI Updated Jul 20, 2014

[DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the CWs characters. This is a stand alone story and does not follow the events in Supernatural, nor does it take place in any particular season. The plot line is of my own creation.]

Piper Lux was raised by the wolves-- hunters. You can only imagine what sort of woman it made her. Easy on the eyes like a true predator, but crude and foul-mouthed and deadly. Piper was one of the few to get out and receive an education away from the nightmares, but she was also one of the few who had enjoyed her job. 

After three years of college, Piper grew bored and returned home to her uncle, Bobby Singer, who is appalled by her decision to rejoin the fight. They are visited by two men, Sam and Dean Winchester, and one angel, Castiel, who are bearing news of a new type of evil in the world.

'Taken' are shadow monsters that feed on corruption and negativity-- they can steal people's hearts and turn them into a product of darkness. There is a path of clues hidden inside of Piper's dreams leading to what unleashed the shadow creatures into the world and why, and Piper is anxious to follow that path. But is there more hidden in the darkness than just the source of this new evil? There comes a point in time when you have to ask yourself: will I be the hero of this story? Or the villain?

#180 Mystery/Thriller

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NyxSilverWolf15 NyxSilverWolf15 Mar 06, 2016
Anyone remember that line from an episode in season 2 where Sam says "He's too precious for this word"? He should have been talking about Cas
Lily_Jasmine Lily_Jasmine Jan 16, 2017
It dawned on me after rereading this that she reminds me a lot if Deadpool
Cookie_Dough_Lova Cookie_Dough_Lova Jul 08, 2016
Where the hell are all these hunters getting leather jackets??! Wtf, I want one!
TyraRogers TyraRogers Sep 23, 2016 where you can hunt for the right hunter for you!
Perverted_seaweed_ Perverted_seaweed_ Apr 13, 2015
She is just so amazing we'd be best bîtches 'cause I know she doesn't have "friends"