Behind A Smile

Behind A Smile

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b.l rodriguez By bree_xoxo3 Updated Jun 06, 2017

Behind many smiles there are stories that go untold, this is a story told by two people that face life threatening situations but soon come together. 

Renee August is going through a tough time finding out that she might not live to see graduation. With her close best friend being dead since freshman year, she decides it is her turn to die. Renee tries to keep a smile on her face fooling everyone with what is really going on in her life. But when her eyes connect with Daniel White her life soon becomes more complicated. 

Daniel White goes through life being cold hearted ever since the horrible accident that killed someone very close to him. But when his eyes connect with Renee August his life as well becomes more complicated. With two friends on his side that he thought he could trust, he faces betrayal. He faces something he never thought would happen to him. The worst part is that Renee August is apart of it too. 

Two people telling the story but one will live, the other will die. 


     Enjoy the book❤ 

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LakhshitaSingh LakhshitaSingh Jan 22, 2017
I think it should be, "Once I finished drying my face..." :)
sunsetflower1231 sunsetflower1231 May 18, 2015
If someone's calling you a nerd there actually telling you that your smart I mean isn't that what nerd mean s so when next time someone calls you a nerd think that there actually calling you smart so don't take the word a wrong way.
FlirtyChicken FlirtyChicken Apr 07, 2015
it's a good tging my school isn't like those ones in books. nobody insults you and there are no 'queen bees' or jock ornwhatevers
clonecosimaniehaus clonecosimaniehaus Mar 29, 2015
They are usually just jealous of you and their lives are horrible so they just make yours horrible.