Little Styles (one direction spanking story)

Little Styles (one direction spanking story)

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Dezi By dezi_parkz Updated Aug 09

Here is the deal I'm 13 years old my name is Yasmin Styles and I live with my sick mom she is dieing of a sickness with no cure, today I will start the beginning of my new life but in order to start I have to tell where it all ended!


' the summer is only a day awayyyy ,tomorrow , tomorrow it's only a day away!!! ' I song to myself as I dusted off my window in my room

 "Yasmin could you please come to the kitchen please sweetie" My mom called I quickly walked to the kitchen passing a nicely dressed women who sat on the couch hold papers on her lap. "hey mom, umm who's the lady on the couch" I said smiling 

"I have to talk to you, the lady works for a band she is here to get you and bring you back to your new home" she said rubbing my back trying to comfort me

"what, so your throwing me away,to someone you don't even know-"

"YASMIN, stop I could NEVER throw you away, the bands name is One Direction they will explain"

"no, mom this is crazy I'm a kid they are just KIDS and...

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