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Northern_Glory By Northern_Glory Updated Dec 26, 2018


He took a step close to me. It was the first time I saw his eyes giving out the emotions he had for me. 
His cold fingers wiped my tears. I was lost in the depths of his eyes, his touch made my palms sweat.

"Don't worry, I will never leave you."

I lowered my gaze not wanting to believe him but he took my face in his hands and made me look at him,

"I'll love you forever!" he promised.

"Don't give me Forever, give me an Always." I whispered.

He smiled at my response and then lowered his face until his warm breath fell on my lips,

"I'll love you..." he whispered, "always!"

I kissed him with all my emotions and feelings. He kissed me back making my heart fluttered with joy.

But unfortunately, he never understood the true meaning of his promise.

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