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Prussia x Reader - Dared - ( LEMON )

Prussia x Reader - Dared - ( LEMON )

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if i had a world of my own , everything would be nonsense . By SuperBronStar Completed

Yeah, so I got a little bored and things...

This piece of literature was basically an RP which I had with an Prussia Rper on deviantART which I decided to turn into an x Reader because I'm such a nice person. ;3

The x Reader paragraphs are mine, obviously you can see from the synonyms, and the Prussia paragraphs are from the wonderful Rper.

If there is any mistakes (because I rushed this), please inbox me, don't comment on here.

And of course, as always, please comment, vote and follow!

And don't forget to enjoy it! xD

Bronte. x

I love the detail!! OMFG! I love how it doesn't just get straight to the point! I love it! Thank you so much for being so amazing!!! \(//∇//)\
I get the feeling that the fact that Gilbird is not here is important somehow....
0oCupcakeo0 0oCupcakeo0 Jul 12, 2016
BESIDES HIMSELF?Wait Gilbert did you?....I mean like showering but,that's oddly specific.Someone back me up!
Foreverascone1 Foreverascone1 Jun 17, 2016
I'm insanely pale too, I can't go outside for more than an hour without getting sunburnt, true story
Kryptonian-Tree Kryptonian-Tree May 24, 2016
Great lemon, though please proof-read your work; I found quite a few mistakes in it.
0oCupcakeo0 0oCupcakeo0 Aug 06, 2016
Wait....What about Hungary?Im pretty sure we all remember that episode right?Back me up on this one!