In The Shadows (A Justin Bieber Vampire Story)

In The Shadows (A Justin Bieber Vampire Story)

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Rebecca Scott By RebeccaScott6 Completed

Love Never Dies. 

Unfortunately, Neither Do They.  

This story is mine and mine alone. If you want to translate it, you must ask my permission first. Any and all types of copies that are made are illegal and punishable by law.

Nah you got what you wanted😂 "you can handle yourself you're almost 18"
She said it so calm like "yeah I was attacked by vampires no big deal"
vannaaah vannaaah Mar 18
Me when I have to get up for school but I don't want to 😂
Well, on the bright side, at least he didn't just let you drop....
So its normal to yell my friend has been attacked by a vampire and not get laughed at now...¤
RinaNegrete RinaNegrete Mar 23
Will this book still be a jb ff or are you going to change his name? :D 💝