My Ninety Day Prince (ManxBoy Mpreg)

My Ninety Day Prince (ManxBoy Mpreg)

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Puppies By xoBEAUTIFULxo Updated Jan 31, 2016

Meet Hazel Camp. He's poor and his family have no money. So they do what they think is right. They Send Hazel off to be the wife of Prince Xander of Azaliea. But.....He doesn't want it. 

Xander falls for Hazel in less than 5 minutes and he couldn't wait to make him his wife. But what happenes when Hazel declines the offer? 

Xander must make him fall in love with him in 90 days of course.

  • cheating
  • heartbreak
  • mpreg
  • prince
  • royalty
Xander you're supposed to be with Chip.
                              Baked Love reference
I tried crossdressing as a boy..... it didn't go so well... 
                              THEY FOUND OUT THAT I WAS A GIRL BY MY HAIR! ... THEY WERE IN PIGTAILS..... 😟
debaglo debaglo Oct 16, 2016
Pls I understand sub and Dom but going far as to address him as madame👎
iluvnutella2004 iluvnutella2004 Apr 03, 2016
is hazel a boy? the story is ManxBoy but hazel is a girl name and hes going to be a wife and people call him/her a madame I'm just confused
IAmCandi IAmCandi Oct 03, 2015
is the whole book in Italics? gives me a headache to read like that. not saying change ur book I'm just saying for me it hurts my head
AkatsukiKawaii AkatsukiKawaii Jul 03, 2015
just a sentence ago he was like me wear a dress and now hes like whatevs betches imma ride that royal cack haha lmfao yolo swag