Coaching The Boys (Always Will Be Incomplete)

Coaching The Boys (Always Will Be Incomplete)

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Zara By g00d_vib3zzzz Completed

Ellie is a senior at high school, she's moved across the country and just about everywhere. But the real question is why? Ellie is actually a professional soccer player in the hiding, she even has a fake name Bay Archer. Only her family, closest friends, and coach knows about this.

Now Ellie has quit the team to settle down in Michigan with her mom and brother who is in Sunnyview Rehabilitation Center, all because of "the accident." 

Ellie has been keeping this secret since she joined at age 14, being the youngest number one soccer player in the world.

But what happens when someone finds out?

What she becomes blackmailed into coaching her new school's boy's soccer teams and catches Austin Cade's attention?

holycow holycow Mar 13
Do pry tell...are u suggesting the innocent sweet square like delicious goodies are sluts....I HAVE BEEN EATING POP TARTS\sluts uh noooo lol 😭
Ninfaa_j Ninfaa_j Jul 23
This is the best book I've ever read ! But is it over now ? I wish I could keep on reading it , its very interesting I read it like in 3 days cause i couldn't stop I wish it  still went on :((
kcyorkie16 kcyorkie16 Dec 20, 2015
I was so excited I found a good book and then I saw the always will ne incomplete, and now I'm sad
frantzqueen frantzqueen Jun 09, 2015
i actually do read most author notes. it gets you to know the person who writes the stories on here. and ill keep an eye out on the typos
dxmxnlimbs dxmxnlimbs May 28, 2015
Sorry that I comment so much about grammar I'm just obsessed with it it's kind of a reflex...tell me if you want me to stop 
b06711 b06711 Jan 22, 2015
I know exactly what you mean, writing a book and then thinking, well, I wonder who may find this unread in a hundred years. Lol. No offence intended,