In Love with Another Man (Complete, needs editing)

In Love with Another Man (Complete, needs editing)

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Simone Waters has been married to Travis for 8 years now. Being highschool sweethearts, they've been in each other's lives for 15 years. When she begins to grow tired of their modest living and starts to receive special attention from a certain baller, her world is turned upside down. She begins to fall in love with another man, putting a strain on her marriage. But was falling for him the best decision?

I can't explain,
Why its him and not you
At the end of the day,
I just don't want to

Cause he ain't no doctor
And we always seem to fight
He ain't got the perfect body
And sometimes he don't even treat me right
Oh but when I'm with him
But when I'm with him
When I'm with him
Ain't nobody else like it

Being a trophy wife isn't everything its hyped up to be. No one knows this better than Danaè Adams. She's been married to her college sweetheart for 5 years. In the beginning, she was happy but when Paul gets a taste of the limelight, he changes. She starts to second guess their rush to get married at an early age, considering they were 18 and 20 at the time. Their marriage consists of nothing but lies, infidelity and betrayal. She tries to remain faithful to her husband and tries to save their marriage but when she meets someone who can truly show her , "the best things in life are free", will she still have the same train of thought?

I'm so sorry baby that I have to do this to you
But I can't go on pretending...
Cause I love him, I love him
And I'm so sorry... do you hear me?
I'm so sorry but I love that man
I love that man...
He ain't always right, but he's just right for me
I'm in love with another man... and I'm so sorry...
But I love someone else...

Vizion_A_Storie Vizion_A_Storie Dec 09, 2015
I have memory lost atm but Ik u said no questions but did u finish the book  ...
dkingrob dkingrob Dec 09, 2015
Just one lil question. By editing do you mean like spellin and punctuation or actually changing parts in the story
KiaraJonai KiaraJonai Dec 08, 2015
Aww and I just started reading it yesterday and was hooked ever since. I understand tho love
EvinB_ EvinB_ Apr 15, 2014
YAAAAAAASSSS LAWD!!!! BIG DADDY ANT SEXY ASS gone take care of everything!