New Purpose (a percy jackson x avenger fanfic)*Hiatus*

New Purpose (a percy jackson x avenger fanfic)*Hiatus*

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Devious_Plotter By Devious_Plotter Updated May 28, 2014

Disclaimer: i do not own any character from percy jackson, Rick Riordan does 


Its been two months since the last war and a month since my wisegirl succumbed to the effects of an unknown poison. A poison ambrosia, Apollo's kids, not even Apollo could heal.

I sat by her side as she writhed for that whole month. I watched helpless to do anything to release her from that pain. If i could I'd even go back to Tartarus and endure torture again for her.

I still remember her taking an agonizingly painful breath, and spoke her last words,"I love you percy, you seaweed brain." "And I you Annabeth,"I held her hand till she drew a shuddery breath and her arm went limp,"my Wise girl.". Despite the pain she had died with a smile on her face.

I hadn't cried since the torture in Tartarus, not even when my friends died around me. it seemed like I couldn't stop.

3rd person pov

Outside the infirmary clouds gathered and darkend, then a heavy rain descended on camp, thunder boomed...

possum-enthusiast possum-enthusiast Aug 06, 2015
LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #bestlordoftheunderworldever
TryMe626 TryMe626 May 25, 2015
I agree about Hades being misunderstood. I mean, he was always portrayed as the bad guy, even when he didn't do anything.
candyologist candyologist Dec 13, 2014
Personally I think Hades is misunderstood way too much. I mean, did you see how much he cared for Maria di Angelo? How he said that he was proud of Nico in the Blood of Olympus? How he wanted Nico to be happy because his children are rarely happy?