Do You Even Know ?

Do You Even Know ?

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erramuahx By erramuahx Updated Feb 02, 2014

"I promise you I will be there when you need me , when you have problems and you need a shoulder to cry on . We have been friends since we are kid , i know you better than anyone else , Megan . So you better not to lie to me whenever you have problems ."

Oh Sehun , your bestfriend .

You still remembered his promise to you .

To always be there for you .

And now , you have a big problem . LIKE SO BIG YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO SOLVE IT .

You are actually falling for him since that day . Maybe to other girls , he seems like a cold guy , never smiled and have that angry-face looking . You know him better than anyone else , he's the sweetest guy bestfriend you ever had . He's handsome , polite , kind and clever than you .

But , he never accept any girl who confessed to him before . 


"Why do you reject that girl ? She's the prettiest girl in our school , you know and you easily reject her just like that , you dumb ?" , you knocked his head when you saw what happened to th...

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MeowwMeowww MeowwMeowww Jan 23, 2017
This was me before I got a haircut and bleached my hair. 😂
jeexoxo jeexoxo Jan 30, 2014
ohhh god masturbate!! damn sehunnn hahaha bte thumbsss uppp keep it up author-nim :)
Echaaaaaaa Echaaaaaaa Jan 30, 2014
"im the one who masturbating last night . i think bout you . " kyaaaa! smut! *slapslapslap* sehun . yehey i need the next update :)