Music Sounds Better With You

Music Sounds Better With You

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ღThe Future Mrs. Henderson *in my dreams* aka Ultra Mღ By meltingCUZofBTR Completed

Melody, a shy 18 year old girl, who has a passion for music, moved to her new house and new school called RiverDell High. And one of Melody's wishes is that when she goes on her first day of school, everything will change and won't be the same shy girl that everyone once knew. But how will a shy girl like Melody get through school when she doesn't even have the courage to speak?

Well on her first music class, she couldn't resist singing to one of her favorite songs and since she loves singing she had to, and this made her music teacher Mr. Smith invite her to his music club, since he finds potential in her. So she tried auditioning but then she accidentally bumped into a guy named Kendall Schmidt who also has a passion for music just like her. Kendall fell head over heels for Melody the first time he laid his eyes on her. He felt that he had a special connection when he heard her sing. So what happens now when Kendall falls in love with her?

Will Melody finally have the courage to speak and find her voice? Will Kendall be able to confess his love to her? Will Kendall and Melody be friends? and most of all, Will Kendall Schmidt be the person that will change Melody's life forever? Find out the answers when you read.

And you'll never know........Kendall might finally have the courage to say those 5 words that's been in his head for a long time "Music Sounds Better With You"