The Ides Of March

The Ides Of March

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steenalight By steenalight Updated Jun 28, 2012

"The kiss is for the emotion. The bite is for the bond. And the mating is for the invincibility. Not just the strength in both partners, but the bond between two mates that could never be broken. There was that, but then there's your mate. And your mate, your mate is and always will be the air you breathe, the love, the comfort, the joy, that one bright start in the sky, your world. The reason your floating on cloud nine."

But, as great as that all sounds, Esmeralda Saunders doesn't want that. She doesn't want that one thing that keeps her sane, because she doesn't want to know what it feels like to loose it. And she knows that she will.

But, sometimes pushing your fears away brings the best things in life into your arms. 

And sometimes you get that gut feeling about something horrible even when you're on cloud nine, but most of the time it leaves when you're in the arms of love and you're left to be attacked by the unexpected moment when you realize your about to loose it all. 
One thing Esmeralda's mom always told her was that life is too short to wait and hold back, and now she's about to realize just how short life really is.

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  • awful
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  • chance
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  • comfort
  • connection
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  • war
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FrozenHearts FrozenHearts Feb 09, 2011
How would she know that its a werewolve from just looking at it? I would question it. Besides that, I like it.
                              Psst, check out deadly choices, by me.