King Valdus

King Valdus

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Astronaughty43 By Astronaughty43 Updated Mar 30

Lycans have always been the superior species in their world. Being physically and mentally stronger, they were wise, smart and calculating. They were also blessed with gift to choose whoever they wished to mate with. 

Emery didn't expect for one moment that King Valdus, a lycan and ruler of werewolves would choose her, even if she did have a mate waiting for her some day. 

But what she really didn't expect was a darkness that suddenly ignites and brings terrors and torturous events right to her door step and somehow, she was in the middle of it. 


Slow or short updates. Read at your own risk.

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cuwriper cuwriper Dec 07, 2017
I was born with dirty blonde curly hair and now it's wavy and chocolate brown under all the colors I've dyed it haha
Electric__Love Electric__Love Dec 15, 2017
Y'all are sleeping on my dude. SONS OF ANARCHY is my showwww
ilikeschocki ilikeschocki Dec 18, 2017
How come that I'm German and I've never seen this before?!😂
ToshNoblitt ToshNoblitt Dec 02, 2017
I love that she has curly hair and knows how to take care of it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
- - Jan 28
Its because you have an ancient wolf, girlie! Also, I can already tell I am going to love this book just by the descriptors alone.
a_deathly_beauty77 a_deathly_beauty77 Nov 26, 2017
You picturing Vanessa I can’t help but think of high school musical reading this where she and Zach Afron meet 😂