King Valdus

King Valdus

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A lycan; they are the superior species. Stronger, faster, smarter and more gifted. So gifted, they can choose whoever they wish to mate for life with. 

In this story; Emery hart is chosen by the lycan King. 

King Valdus.


"You're a sensitive little thing" He groaned out, his lips latching to my neck. I was in my own world, the world where this was normal and totally fine. The world where I didn't have a mate and we were meant to be together.


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Shanirah Shanirah Oct 16
my life has been a lie!! no one informed me you can fall pretty!! does that mean have a hot outfit on?? if so yay I did that a few times, n=if not.. then damn
ilean_chan ilean_chan Oct 12
Omygod yes i find it so stupid when people want to describe someone or something then they decide to put the picture at the first page at the top thingy instead of just putting it underneath their description of it n like hello by then i have already forgotten about the picture
I don't know why, but I just imagined a wolf's head on a human body in a fancy pink dress
pinapples_ pinapples_ Oct 10
And this reminds me I am a broke biitch living off of chicken nuggets
Boi don't know what falling pretty is but I know for sure I can't do it to save my life😂
HayleyMarie03 HayleyMarie03 7 days ago
IRELAND. MA HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!