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The BadAss Mate

The BadAss Mate

366K Reads 8.3K Votes 39 Part Story
Elle By MilkyWay27 Completed

{Book 2}

Conan Ludwig.

He's a werewolf. But not just any other werewolf, he is the adopted son of Nathan Ludwig and Shay Flynn also known as Rayleen Kahira. Conan never wanted a mate, all he wanted is to do the 'deed' with girls or maybe we should call them, the girls who does not have a self-respect for themselves?

Moving on, Conan met his mate, she never stopped him from doing what he wants because Conan always gets what he wants. He's the future Alpha and what he says goes.

Lena Carter was the unfortunate mate of Conan. Lena never wanted anything but for Conan to look at her, to love her. But, he don't. And Lena's not going to give up, winning Conan's heart. She'll do anything just to make someone love her. Even just her mate.

Highest Rating on Werewolf: #202
Highest Rating on Teen Fiction: #180

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MeowMeowlel MeowMeowlel Oct 24, 2016
This history shoudnt be known kids! If ur under 16 of age then don't  ask... Just don't it will ruin ur poor innocent ears..
Axialux Axialux Feb 19, 2016
                              ENGLISH VERISON
                              OMLLL <333 ILYY ILYYY ILYYY
                              WHERE ARE YOU TAEYANG FANS? ;D
Emmi_24 Emmi_24 Jan 21, 2016
Nope. At our school you get 3 detentions then a suspension then if you still do it you get an expulsion.
Emmi_24 Emmi_24 Jan 21, 2016
That's very creepy if your mum is almost half on your friends age😂 I think you mean double their age.