Just Ella

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Sophie Stone By Sophs96 Updated 2 years ago
I hated my family. And I know every teenage girl says this but they probably weren't a slave. They probaly were alowed to go out after school and have fun with their mates. They probably didnt have to clean up every mess in the house and obey every order. They probably also weren't werewolfs. With a pack that hates them. Well that is me..... until my mate walked into my life. Then things got intresting.
The story sounds good, but there are so many errors in your writing it is hard for me to read.
                                     Here's an example shouldn't babies be in a stroller and not a wheelchair?
                                     You should really consider applying for an editor on @editorsUNITE or another group like it.
I enjoyed reading this story and loved the way it started. Keep writing and I look forward to your next chapter.