Falling For My Stepbrother

Falling For My Stepbrother

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He is unbelievably hot, but there are so many things wrong with falling for him.

1. He has daddy abandonment issues.

2. He hates me for no particular reason other than because my dad just got married to his mom.

3. He is my stepbrother.

On the bright side, we both have one thing in common. We both have made it our personal mission to make sure that our parents get divorced.
Unfortunately, we seem to be having some unwanted help with that issue.

I'm guaranteed she's not trying to do that and I hate your mom
How is it supposed to be a three-story house if it's a bungalow?
FUDGE THE H. I just checked the genre of the story and i just noticed that it's paranormal!!! Wth
My step dad(since I was two so I called him dad) him and my mom had split up, and when I went over to his house he had a wife, he asked me to call her mom. I walked over to her and said, "Hello bitch, my name is Taylor. Nice to meet you!" Then I smiled at her.
I would just be like "Hey you the person I don't like that stole my flippin dad. Get yo ass over here and feed me"
Skyily Skyily Aug 14
id grab the biggest suitcase i cud find, messily throw allnof my clothes in it, put my makeup stuff and toiletries and money. and in a bacpac put my electronics and fud, book a flite to canada and BITCH IM OUT