The Alpha's Mistress

The Alpha's Mistress

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Tiffany By burningflamez Updated Aug 21, 2018

What matters more; money, power, or love?

Of course you'd say love, right? Love couldn't buy me 10 million dollars, but pretending could.

In the human world, 10 million could buy you the nicest cars, the biggest house and all of the luxuries you could ever wish for. However, in the supernatural werewolf world, it could buy your freedom. 

It was simple. Seduce the King of Wolves and I would get 10 million and whatever else came with being the King's mistress. Simple. What could go wrong?

(There's going to be a lot of good, violent, fun ish in this book so be warned aHa!)

Updates whenever I feel like it lol

Extended description inside.

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