Sex Toy(Book One)

Sex Toy(Book One)

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TheNameIsAvannah By TB4LBISH Completed

"I ain't had pussy in a minute", He said licking his pink plum lips at me. I am to lost in that one move, I didn't realize what he said.

"Come again, say what?!?!", I said as I replayed his sentence. Fuck I gotta do with him not getting the cookie?

"You are my sex toy until my thousands of dollars is paid off", he said as he eyed my body. Sex Toy? What the fuck? Is dude on something? Gotta be!

"What's a sex toy?", I asked confused. I think I had a clue what it is but I just don't want to think that way.

"I have sex with you when ever I want it, how I want it", he said making me take a double take.

Ariane Jackson was always the good girl with the loud mouth. She was the girl who didn't look forward to men so soon, hell she didn't look forward to sex. She was happy with her life(well somewhat of it).

That all changes at one party when she meets Chris. She's framed for a crime she hadn't done by Chris; a ruthless, cruel, heartless, drug dealer.  

What will happen to the once goody?

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Cdiddybitch_ Cdiddybitch_ Mar 12, 2017
He barely even said two words to her? What he mean "he was feeling her?" boy bye
jdkskkdlsididkkdld jdkskkdlsididkkdld Oct 10, 2017
You know they’re called crop tops unless you’re thinking of something else
Wait a second. She's 24ys old.and she only weighs she anorexic?!?!
If she gotta make you feel like you owe her something and she guilts you that bitch ain't yo friend
_imjustaug _imjustaug Apr 28
She said that a couple times already. The secret aint a secret no more, at this point.
Viiniirii Viiniirii Dec 31, 2015
Ok. So she asked to go to the bathroom and begged him to take her... And ok ok. I'm not saying anything else