Blue Exorcist x Reader

Blue Exorcist x Reader

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JJ Kyoko By PandaCuprcake Updated Aug 06, 2014

Your alarm clock went off and you hit it with your hand. You stretched out your arms, but hit it on the top bunk above you. You hissed as you rubbed your hands from the pain of hitting the wooden bed above you. As you turned to get up, you saw something staring at you.

"Ahh! Demon!" Grabbing your pillow, you swung whatever the thing was in the face.

"Geez, '__________', it's just me!" You opened your eyes to see hanging upside down from the bed above you.

"Rin?! Why are you in my room?!" You tossed another pillow in his face and he fell on the ground.

"I just came to tell you that Yukio and I made breakfast downstairs if you would like some..." Rin's cheeks turned pink as he looked at you from the ground.

"I would love some! Thank you!" You smiled as you got out of bed and helped Rin off the floor.

You and Rin walked together downstairs, but he was too quiet. You made it to the dining hall and sat down as Rin ran back into the kitchen to talk to Yukio.

"So, did '__________' pelt...

PixieNaomy PixieNaomy Sep 14, 2016
...Please tell me that what you have there behind your back isn't my.... "play" thing?
iwillbeyourdeath iwillbeyourdeath Mar 16, 2016
Oh god not this episode dear papa hold me back before I kill him
JungKookies_and_Milk JungKookies_and_Milk Oct 08, 2016
Holy shet, I never thought I'd read this sentence in my life. 😂😂😂
Kittykatlord25 Kittykatlord25 Apr 08, 2016
                              *gets up from chair*
                              *leaves room*
                              *goes on a bus*
                              *gets off of bus*
                              *walks into building*
                              *buys manga*
                              That was fun
                              Wait how did I get here??
SirPercyOfGryffindor SirPercyOfGryffindor Nov 03, 2016
Wanna find out that you read too much of Harry Potter ?😫😅 If so, you would have read Mephisto's office as Malfoys    office
Blackriser Blackriser Apr 15, 2016
I love the show but I don't like the uniforms for the schools is it OK if I imagine myself without it or the guys uniform I'm not a big fan of skirts