Midnight Disaster ~FINALIST Watty Awards 2012~

39 Part Story 67.8K Reads 1.9K Votes
Kayla Krantz By KaylaKrantz Completed
Sidenote: This is not an ET story people will die!!
    Cameron and Maya are great friends (sometimes borderline dating) looking for something to keep them entertained in their annual summer adventure. Little do they know it comes to them in the form of an abandoned alien. At first their main concern is keeping him hidden from the public and their friends until they realize that something is really wrong with the alien. On the night of the full moon they discover their true problem. Their hometown is in grave danger.
Very intriguing. It's short, but to the point and gives enough detail.
Wow!! what an intense prologue!! I'm hooked and off to the next chapter!!!
It had a good plot. It was rather short but I felt the emotions . Good start.
this prologue definitely caught my attention !!!!!!!!.. 
                                    thnx to u that for i am now going to be stuck on a single book for hours ........
Pretty cool prologue! Makes me wanna read more. (: On to the next chapter.
Your prologue is pretty intense I think it sets it up well for the rest of the book :)