Secret Desire BoyxBoy (incest)

Secret Desire BoyxBoy (incest)

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asmith010 By asmith010 Updated Sep 05, 2016

[WARNING: this is a sexy BOYXBOY STORY!!! MEANING 2 GUYS. if you don't like that kind of stuff...LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!]

David is as gay as a women in a shoe store. He doesn't show it though and he never been with a guy nor a girl before. He wants only one person, his little brother. But here's one problem, his parents are homophobic. If he told his brother and parents that he's gay, he know he'll get disowned. But his feelings for his brother is as strong as his fear of being disowned.

Sammy won't admit he's gay to anyone, especially his older brother David, who Sammy is falling in love with. But he's scared of being rejected from his brother, and less likely his parents.

Will the two brothers ever live happily together, or will they both stay in the darkness, oblivious of one another?

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Bluecookies4eve02 Bluecookies4eve02 Nov 02, 2016
աɛʟʟ sɦɨt 
                              ɦɛ's ɦaաt 
lyattt lyattt Dec 13, 2015
They're all taller than me besides the mum... Well, this is saddening... I'm a 5'3 male... I need a tall boyfriend. ><
HemmoDaPenguin HemmoDaPenguin Jul 19, 2015
So basically they're all shorter than me apart from the dad ok
NaturalHerbivore NaturalHerbivore Jan 02, 2015
@MissPiggyX But, I completely agree with you. Other short guys look adorable as f*ck with tall boyfriends.
NaturalHerbivore NaturalHerbivore Jan 02, 2015
@MissPiggyX I am the master of every relationship! ;D My height makes that a little more difficult, though.
NaturalHerbivore NaturalHerbivore Jan 01, 2015
@MissPiggyX I'm 5'1 and I'm a guy.
                              I gotta tell ya, it f*cking sucks.