The Monster Inside Of My Bed

The Monster Inside Of My Bed

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makeandoffer By makeandoffer Updated Apr 07

Who has a right to judge what is normal?

For 18 year old Maria Valentino it was her parents, it was her friends and it was the doctors who decided that she was no longer stable for the outside world. No one questioned that the man who put her in a mental institution for eight months was in fact a violent drunk, because unlike Maria people thought he was normal. 

No one questioned that her friends bullied their classmates on a daily basis to stay at the top of the social ladder, because that was normal.

The only time people started asking questions was when Maria finally snapped.

Then, she meets Mason Riley. Charming, handsome and confident. He was like a slap back to reality, and for the first time in years Maria finally felt like she was back in normality.

The only problem was that she met Mason when she was admitted to The Ledge Mental Institution. He had been bouncing from hospital to hospital since he was 12 years old, somewhere along the way the doctors branded him a Sociopath. That would explain the charm, his exceptional knack at manipulation and the remorse that he lacks to feel.

Yet, even with all of that Maria finds herself believing that Mason might actually be one of the most normal aspects of her life, because after all sanity is best judged by those who lack it.

That's what he keeps telling her, and she almost started to believe him.



sebu_zay sebu_zay Sep 15
I have a 3'5" walking scratch that running toddler in my class and walks faster than me @janvar
tumblr_vibe tumblr_vibe Sep 03
Y'all need to get over yourselves, it's a joke from a BOOK from an IMAGINARY CHARACTER
so this is the type of main character i'll be reading about, hm
Omg yes my dad use to say that whenever I got mad at him or my brother
tatabug13 tatabug13 Sep 10
Idc how many times I reread this book I always feel in love with her and Mason all over again lol
funforthekids funforthekids 4 days ago
 #RR y'all this is one of the best books ever i just wished it would update quicker