Tell Me You Love Me 《Bieber》✔

Tell Me You Love Me 《Bieber》✔

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He took her for granted until he lost her. Now they say you don't realise what you have until you lose it, but he never thought he'd lose her. After all, she was willing to go through so much for him.

Loving someone who doesn't love you in like trying to fly with a broken wing. Nevaeh Claire finds herself in a toxic relationship, that she cannot escape. Not because he's not allowing her to, but sadly because she's not allowing herself that freedom. 

By the time he realises that he truly loves her, she's already moved on with her life. Found happiness with another and just moments away from becoming a bride.

But will a simple 'I do' stop him from fighting for the one girl he never fought for in the past?

"All this time you were never really able to see how you feel about me and I get can't just be the guy that says how he feels"

"But Tyler is. And I think I can be happy with him and I just want to be happy, Justin"

"So whatever you're gonna say to m
e, please don't say it"

Oh, how she longed for him to tell her the three simple words she has told him time and time again over the years.