The Office Party

The Office Party

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Abigail By AbiBee Updated Apr 07, 2016

*Your character gets stuck in a toilet at a party.*

This all started as a response to the above prompt, as issued by the lovely @RaeKitano. Before she got banned by Wattpad, she did great LGBT short story prompts.

Part One was the original short story, of course. This is so definitely no longer a short story, and I feel like I'm really cheating by even including it any more. But Fi and Diana would not exist if it weren't for Rae and her challenge.

It's got out of control because I wanted to find out what happened next. ;)

Thanks to @Megabucks for the new, improved cover!

Originally started, August 2013.

Shownu_rm65 Shownu_rm65 Sep 10
I'm pretty sure your hot manager brunette is unforgivably curious and definitely not gay
GoogleWasMyIdea GoogleWasMyIdea Aug 25, 2016
Ahhhhh ofcourse! She's in legal too after all.. so not only does she receive gossip, she also periodically delivers gossip of her own. I like her
GoogleWasMyIdea GoogleWasMyIdea Aug 25, 2016
I wish I had an attractive older women to cuddle up to right now
GoogleWasMyIdea GoogleWasMyIdea Aug 25, 2016
It could lead to horrible places but it's okay... it's not about the destination, it's about the journey 😏
honey_blossom1 honey_blossom1 Aug 16, 2016
Ahhh this is freaking BRILLIANTLY written. I am loving this so far.
GoogleWasMyIdea GoogleWasMyIdea Aug 25, 2016
Is this liquid confidence or are you always like this??? 😘