A Marriage Proposal

A Marriage Proposal

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Ada Wiam By bellasonline Completed

*‘A week is all that he had to win her or he would lose her forever!’*

It was 5 years since her high-school sweetheart left the small town and her love, for the flashing lights of city. And now he was back, with an exotic beauty by his side. 

Erika Felton was devastated then and she was sad to know that she still felt something for him; but she wasn’t sure what it was! Was it love? Or was it just the remains of past? 

Jensen Brady was forever in love with the petite, freckled, brown haired beauty, but to her he was her life-time enemy, a jerk, a bad-boy. What could he do? He had to hide behind the mask of a jerk, so that his affection would always be safe, where she couldn’t see. 

But now Harry Bronco was back and Jensen wasn’t ready to lose her to him, yet again. So could he win her? Could he fight against the past love and a perfectly polished man? Only time could tell…

Ani_Oyeks Ani_Oyeks Nov 15, 2015 04:44PM
Salam Alaikum. I read and loved Rooming with Mr Prefect. I didn't think to check of you had other books and you have so many... yay...so excited to read this and all of them.
please try my book. It is a new kind of story. It is called twin dating and is about two twins.
BrennaMinturn BrennaMinturn Aug 15, 2012 07:39AM
I like your decriptiveness. That's and you do well with describing her thoughts :-)
I think this story is going to be like the movie .Something Barrowed .. I'll keep reading to find out ;D
AlwaysNdNever AlwaysNdNever Jun 29, 2012 02:57PM
How sweet all for her but I know she's gonna like him all city boy swag but will ask him to be himself because that's who she fell in love with!!;)))
I love it! Please write more and update soon. I can't wait to see how this plays out.