Catching Him

Catching Him

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Khushi By khushir_05 Updated Oct 01

Elina Cook has been just "Elina," her whole life. While everyone else has something that defines them or something that gives them a reason to live- Elina decides against that fantasy. Elina has always found herself uninterested with the idea of anything normal. She needed excitement- something to get her pumped; something to keep her on her toes or at the edge of her seat. 

Well, she's found her key to the life she's always wanted; four boys.
More specifically- him. 

He's James Carpenter, and his presence gives people chills and goosebumps. Yeah, he's hot and all, but most people are afraid to be within 50 feet of him. 

Does Ellie care? Absolutely fudging not. 

All she has to do is become involved, and BAM there you go- excitement. Easy enough right?

Extremely fudging wrong: W-R-O-N-G! 


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I can't see the font properly... is he a character too? Blueberry red?
Mysterious and dangerous
                              Hotter than the sun*
                              He'll grow on...*
Well, she has found her key to the life she has always wanted: four boys.* 
                              (She's means she is and it's incorrect to use here.
                              Also, a colon would be effective instead of a semicolon as the sentence narrows down to one word.)
I've a girl named Elena in my book (The Alien Memory👽) 😂
SakinaNasir5253 SakinaNasir5253 a day ago
It was great! ❤ Just a suggestion, you can write the part where Elina showers and dresses up in the next chapter because this chapter is already long enough. 
                              The part where you had mentioned that 'Elina wanted to see him but wasn't sure how" could be used as an ending line.