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LadyArche By LadyArche Updated Sep 12, 2017

It all started with a wish...

"Twinkle Twinkle little star how I wonder what you are..." Thea hummed to herself as she walked around Lunaria's outer wall. What was she? She was a wish made real. She was the wish of Katherine "Katie" Reynolds, to fall in love. Her skin is made of constellations, her hair of starlight, and in the sunshine, she becomes less corporeal because she isn't real, she's a Wish. Children in the planetary sister city to Lunaria, Alaria are warned, "Do not wish upon a star demons and nightmares are all they are" but Thea preferred the old version of the nursery rhyme. What was she? Why was she? 

Katie straps on her leather vest, calf and forearm braces, shoulder pads, and wraps a piece of leather around her midsection. Her curly hair curls about her ears and she pulls it back into a knot at her neck. A moonstone dagger sits in a sheath at her hip. She leans over and rests a soft kiss on her the hard granite stone before her. She gets up, takes a breath and walks back into the hustle and bustle of Alaria heading toward the capitol building. One day she'll kill her wish.

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Ja2Anjelica Ja2Anjelica Sep 07, 2017
Omg, you deserve so much more reads. That is how good your book is.
Ja2Anjelica Ja2Anjelica Sep 07, 2017
Wow, this book makes me wanna know what the hell is going on in your head. Because its so well written and so outer this world. Lol, your book took me to another state of mind and the way you write makes it very easy to imagine. I didn't want to stop.
Ja2Anjelica Ja2Anjelica Sep 07, 2017
No man, this deserves to but made into a movie. That's how good it is.