Falling in love...........with myself

Falling in love...........with myself

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RandomEishly_urs By RandomEishly_urs Completed

After an eternity, I finally feel

So full of life, so real

The stars in the sky are shining a little bit brighter

Suddenly my heart feels so much lighter

Yes, I can finally see the sun

With living in the dark, I am done

The roses in this world, they smell so sweet

My head is so quiet that I can hear my heart beat

I can hear the birds chirping outside

All the demons killing me now have died

And the voices that troubled me are slowly fading away

Things are finally starting to go my way

I believe in magic, in that fairy , in that elf

I think I'm finally falling in love with myself


  • believe
  • joy
  • life
  • love
  • magic
  • time
  • yourself
TheMeowster TheMeowster Jan 31, 2014
if only I was like u eishy,
                              im still tryin to stop myself from hating myself