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A Power Inside (Naruto Fanfiction)

A Power Inside (Naruto Fanfiction)

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Yellow-chan ❤️ By YellowWithATwist Completed

Meet Ayumi Kishimoto... A girl who is half Kishimoto half Uchiha. Every people in Konoha doesn't know that she is an Uchiha except for the Hokage and Asuma. A girl who has the yin and yang wolves sealed inside her at the age of 4. A girl who has obtained a mangekyou sharingan at the age of 9.

Will she survive having the powers inside her?
Will she able to control these powers she have?
Will she found somebody who can love her back?

This is Ayumi Kishimoto. Find her journey all the way to success..
P.S I don't own Naruto

P.S.S 90% chance that the OC is OP and the other Naruto characters are OOC.. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Let's give the credits to Masashi Kishimoto

It feels weird that its been 3 years since then-- Was I too late to read this??? Lol jk 😂😂😂
Why is no one else's the comment section is born in July?!? T^T
Still finding my bday twin. March 20 anyone? //silenty cries
Is Kishimoto ACTUALLY a clan?!? That'd be cool if they were! (Cheeky lil' Masashi Kishimoto XD)
UHHH MY EYES ARE BROWN 😢 When i was 3 they changed from Grey to this STUPID COLO
Hiyori_Akuma Hiyori_Akuma May 10, 2016
why? what happened? sorry, I was born stupid, blame my mother