Day 115 on an Alien World

Day 115 on an Alien World

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A wormhole away from Earth, a planet square in the goldilocks zone is found - a perfect location for a new colony. Fifty colonists set out to make this new world their home. Starting with their crash-landing, accident after accident has whittled their numbers and stalled their efforts to make a viable colony. 

On day 114, Gary Holbrook discovers a saboteur is at work. Now, he has to stop the killer before the colony is completely devastated. Tomorrow is the colony's first communications window with Earth - their only chance to ask for help - and someone needs to be alive to make that call.

Day 115 on an Alien World is novel length and fully written. I'm just working on the final wordsmithing. My plan is to put up a chapter every Wednesday.
Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think and I welcome constructive feedback. 
Just as a note - occasionally my characters swear and some sex is suggested

  • action
  • adventure
  • colony
  • science-fiction
  • survival
TechieInAK TechieInAK Aug 24, 2017
I can't help but wonder how this section would have been if she stayed in view and they could see her struggle for air.
tpinley tpinley Mar 03, 2018
Oh wow, so it's even tougher to be single in space exploration. Figures!
TechieInAK TechieInAK Aug 24, 2017
Wow, what a tragedy. It really tugged on the emotions reading this. The butterfly leading him to her little den was a nice touch.
knotanumber knotanumber Dec 22, 2018
The tone sounds too juvenile; maybe tweak the word selection.
knotanumber knotanumber Dec 22, 2018
Does the Loop really need explaining? The journey to the station feels a bit drawn out.
knotanumber knotanumber Dec 22, 2018
Great twist here. Didn't see that coming, but sounds plausible in context.