The Lies That Bind

The Lies That Bind

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"What's your opinion on sex without commitment?" He arched a brow at me.

"Well, considering that's the standard currency for this--"

"I'm not interested in what's the norm, Miss Lima," He interrupted with the utmost seriousness, "only on what your conditions are."

I bit my lip lightly. If I said I didn't want sex would the deal be off? I couldn't risk losing this "opportunity", but I still had some dignity. 

"No sex," I uttered quietly. "I don't think I can go that far and not get attached." 

Dr. Kolomna nodded, "I can agree to that. I only have one condition, Miss Lima."

I peered up at him, "Which is?"

"No personal questions. Ever. We are not to discuss it under any circumstances unless I say otherwise." His eyes iced over as he stared at me sternly, "And I will do the same to stay out of your personal business no more than I have to. Do we have an agreement?"


Buckling under student loan debts, Edith Lima must find a way to improve her finances. Jobless with no real prospects, Edith comes up with a plan - get a sugar daddy.

Once her debts are paid, and she's able to financially support herself, she'll break all ties and forget she was ever pushed to such lengths.

Sexual and relationship psychologist Kazmir Kolomna is an expert when it comes to relationships, except when he's involved. The reclusive Russian doctor has grown tired of his isolation, no matter how much it's needed to guard his secrets.

When he encounters Edith online, he agrees to her proposition with one condition: No personal questions.

It's the perfect setup until his heart forgets the rules, and his past catches up on him.
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