Connor O'Malley

Connor O'Malley

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amber By amber_no3l Updated Oct 11

Between moving from Kansas after a tornado destroyed her home to trying to fit in at her new school, Rosemary Blaine somehow gets wrapped up with the school's notorious bad boy, Connor O'Malley...and staying at his house within the first week of school can either be really impressive or super disastrous.


Join Rosemary on a quest to get through her senior year at a new school while trying to make new friends in a new state she's never been to before, all while trying to live in the same house with her insufferable twin. Experience the heartthrobs, the heartaches, the love and the devastations along with her! 


WARNING: Sensitive/possible trigger topics are contained within this story. Please be open minded when reading. 

Cover made by: @Lexi_Violet 

All Rights Reserved © amber_no3l

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The characters sound like the belong in the novel “the outsiders.” I mean the boys are hot af! So I’m not complaining
Vvio_vio23 Vvio_vio23 Sep 27
Oof paPAW idk if that was intended as a joke but it made me laugh 😂
Damn, this reminds me of when I was walking by my crush, I ended up wiggling my hips so bad that I fell
TaylorLyn22 TaylorLyn22 Nov 03
Oh wow the new version! Yeah, sure, fine! Let me just rip my heart out AGAIN and let it bleed out on the ground! Why on Earth would I read this again?! *Goes into darkness and reads it again* CoMpLeTeLy RiDiCuLoUs
laheeey14 laheeey14 Oct 12
My Doberman is completely useless guarding us💀💀 he only barks at animals that he feels threatened by lmao
try arizona, where it’s 110-120 degree heat with absolutely no rain at all for months on end