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Bumps In The Road -Paul Imprint Story-

Bumps In The Road -Paul Imprint Story-

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VeeInTheClouds By VeeInTheClouds Completed

Kira West is a powerful witch with a strong bloodline. Kira's father died when she was younger causing a dramatic change within her. She turned into a rebellious girl and the outcome of her behaviour was being sent to a town across the world to stay with her family friend. But being sent to La Push, a town secluded amongst thick forest, isn't as simple as it sounds. Instead, Kira is thrown into a new world of supernatural creatures and being Imprinted on by none other than Paul LaHote. He is the cocky, short tempered, man-whore of La Push. Lets not call this love at first sight, because it was most definitely not that.     

But will Paul and Kira be able to overcome old flames, deluded shape-shifters and troubled pasts to become one?

Warning: There is light content of profanity and sexual scenes.

© VeeInTheClouds Please do not copy or plagiarise this story, as the plot was created by myself. All Twilight Saga characters rightfully belong to their creator Stephanie Meyer, otherwise all other characters belong to me. Infringements to story will be faced with the consequences.

102dean20 102dean20 May 04
Its probably dean. He needs his porn. Sam must have hid his from dean.
Hate her. Sorry to say this, but I really hope that she dies later on in the story, in an accident that involves a bear
VeeInTheClouds VeeInTheClouds Aug 20, 2016
@ifangirlwithunicorns haha!! Yeah, I was gonna write that he pulls out a salt gun but then I was like 'too soon'. Haha nah
Eh, blonde girl? Unless she is the daughter of a staff member, wouldn't the rez high school only have Native Americans? Just saying since my bff teaches at one.
satomi_voh satomi_voh Apr 09, 2016
There aren't so many blondes in La Push so I think she's a fake blonde with a really ugly tann Lol jk
untilwefeelaright untilwefeelaright Sep 17, 2016
Once i read hilary, i yelled "hilary clinton" really loudly and i think my moms concerned.....