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If you had to choose *marauder love story*

If you had to choose *marauder love story*

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Maia Rae By That_marauder_girl Updated Dec 16, 2016

Lily evans laughed along with her best friend, "But really! If you had to choose between Remus and Sirius, who would you pick?" the red head questioned. "I don't have to pick and I never will!" Carter laughed along with Lilly.                            Carter Potter is James Potter's twin sister. They are exactly alike. From pulling pranks all day up to their mischievous smirks. But when Carter becomes a marauder, will she really have to make a choice?

Im_im_2004 Im_im_2004 Aug 04, 2016
Twin dyes all your tops pink then lends you a shirt...... Sound right
12mangle 12mangle Sep 12, 2016
Umbicthes dream come true
                              Uh just the thought of her makes me want to puke
skylarbridgeforth18 skylarbridgeforth18 Jan 16, 2016
You say twat but wont say hell twat is a much worse swear word....
AliceBlack32 AliceBlack32 Dec 21, 2015
I would so fake cry and make him feel so bad about everything he did. Then, I would prank him even worse then how he pranked me.