Willow Tree • Secondary Story

Willow Tree • Secondary Story

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Willow's life was turned upside down after her father suddenly dies from lung cancer. After being raised by a single parent who couldn't afford to feed her daughter for 3 years, they were both forced to move in with her sister miles away from their original home.

  6 years later, she's a senior at her local high school, sitting in the back of the class like a cliche loner yet spitting some fiery comebacks to the students who think they could try and bring her down, much to their surprise. She was the one who drew on all her handouts, doodled on every desk she sat at, and owned a graffiti covered locker, which she "didn't do." Willow thought not speaking to many people outside her circle of friends and getting to class before the bell rang would be enough keep herself out of the spotlight of attention.

  But little did she know that she caught the eye of someone who she would never purposely look at.

  Ashton, or more commonly known as Ash, is the guy who could buy the entire city of Bridgton, yet couldn't come up with the confidence to tell the entire world. Feeling the pressure from his parents to become a successful doctor who travels around the world to treat patients from all over, the stress started to build atop his shoulders. He retreated to a well known group located within the city who practically did anything for a cent; things that would land the boys in prison with a life long sentence. There he became the Ash only he and his buddy's would ever see. Ash thought this was his true self; a reckless and carefree teen who went home and pretended to be interested in the Gala's and random dinner parties his parents hosted.

  The only time he got to know his true self was when he saw Willow everyday at school.


DISCLAIMER ~ this story starts off slow and slightly boring but I promise it gets better with time and patience, don't give up half-way through the second chapter, thanks :D

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anonymous_freak anonymous_freak Dec 29, 2017
Damn, I was really looking forward to an actual chapter, I cannot wait to begin reading this.