Alien (Justin Bieber Love Story)

Alien (Justin Bieber Love Story)

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He had disappeared again. "Justin?" I yelled out. Hearing a ruckus in the next isle over, I walk around. There Justin was, sitting on the floor,  dipping strawberries into a carton of Nutella with it all over his face. Giggling, He looked up and offered me some. "R-really good." he said. "Oh Justin." I picked him up, pulling a wet wipe out of my purse and wiping his face clean. "What am I going to do with you?" He shrugged and giggled. "S-strawberry?"      


 It all happened in 2050. Aliens came from their planet, Zereteel , to create peace on Earth. Now in 4097, we all have become one.      

Isabella Rossi is a shy, humble, 16 year old girl. On her way back from the library, she stumbles upon a crying teenage boy, an alien to be exact, in an alleyway. Bringing him home with her, she soon finds out she is his soulmate.  Will they fall in love?       

  ATTENTION: CUTE, CUDDLY, AND INNOCENT JUSTIN (I seriously can not stress that enough)    *Based off "Alien" By Sugar Venom

**The Original Justin Bieber Alien Book. All others are copies or knockoffs.**

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koreanxrose koreanxrose Jan 10
 #rr this is my 10th time reading this book!! I'm not even kidding!!!
Did I wake my cute ašś up at almost 4 in the morning to read this?? Yes , yes I did
fragiIes fragiIes Nov 05
the amount of times i’ve read this AND the sequel since 2015 is.... insane
Taylor1683 Taylor1683 Oct 28
I want this to actually happen. And then tada we all have alien hubbies that are handsome as fucj
kidrauhlen kidrauhlen Sep 18
I’m reading it again bc I’ve become obsessed with aliens
Taylor1683 Taylor1683 Aug 31
 #rr my 7th time reading this and now I have all the necessities with me. Tissue boxes (tons of em), chocolate, icecream, cookies (cuz Justin eats too many cookies in these and I get hungry for them) and also leftover pasta :)