How i wish(Larry Stylinson)

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DrowningSorrows By DrowningSorrows Updated 3 years ago
Harry Styles: The flirt, womanising extraordinaire, teen pop star in One Direction, a band that is taking the world by storm and most of all, 110% straight. That's him. But what happens when something, or someone in his life starts to change him, make him fall so madly in love that he is willing to give up all of the things he is known for. What if that person happens to be a guy? What if that person was none other than his best friend in the whole wide world, and the second half of the 'Larry' bromance, Louis Tomlinson?
Update!!!!!!!!!!! And I think triangle triangle was Harry or Zayn lol probably too late anyways! We got the same names *gasps* lol
Ummm.... Wasnt Harry naked. He never put on any clothes. So basically, he was streaking. Thats nice....
U shud make me a character was wat I was originally gonna say... u shud but Im not gonna forxce u with spoons! xxx
I agree I would love Zayne to came running at me ;) but I duno give him........... a toy story DVD and he will <3 u 4ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is hilarious! xD update update update! And reply me than ;)
No because Liam will run atchu cuz he's scared of em......... Do u know what u shud do? ;)