Demon Heart (BWWM)

Demon Heart (BWWM)

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Wolfswaaag By Wolfswaaag Completed

Luck SinClaire was a Ghost Alpha. Not one member of his pack expect his four highest ranking wolves knew what the man looked like, all that was known of him was that he had no human side to coexist with his wolf.
A Demon Wolf.
They liked to call him. The most dangerous  but well respected Alpha in America. He was the best Alpha to lead the Americas and thus so was given the title of Supreme Alpha by the Brother in Shadow's Council. 

And then there was Kalani.
Big, Shy, and Average....okay so maybe below average. But that never stopped her, she brought up in a loving family to help her though the difficult hells called middle and high school. She wasn't too damaged, at nineteen she was in a relationship with the sweetest drug dealer/gangster she'd ever met(the only drug dealer/gangster she ever met) Nelson had her heart and she had his. 
Until one night on Nelson's way out for business, a certain wolf pays the couple a visit and it's not a good one, at least not for Nelson after all forming a gang is treason.


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Asheiya18 Asheiya18 Aug 21, 2017
His English is sexy mixed with his voice and persona😘😘😘
JadaLanae1 JadaLanae1 Jul 19, 2017
This my second time reading this book and I still love it and be getting all exited !!! 😍
At first i though oh the authors lef5 a word out by mistake again.... then i read the whole paragraph and now im here sitting down like an idiot😢
BBitchL BBitchL Mar 10, 2017
No I don't want her with Nelson because I'm starting to love cave man
towhoomitmayconcern towhoomitmayconcern Sep 23, 2017
You have approved of his removal of ever breathing again. Bravo! 👏🏾👏🏾😤💀
taytay_stargirl taytay_stargirl Jan 04, 2017
Love the broken language..... I swear if this was real life I would have probably been like "Nigga fix your grammar"