All About Your Heart // Stiles Stilinski

All About Your Heart // Stiles Stilinski

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Lydia Martin has been in Stiles Stilinski's heart since the 3rd grade. She is the one girl that he has ever truly cared for and has yearned for her attention for years, always hoping that one day she would fall for him too. Unfortunately, Lydia has never reciprocated his love and probably never will. Stiles has come to terms with the fact that he can't force her to love him and that they are better off as friends. Besides, with everything that's been going on in Beacon Hills lately, there may not be enough time for a relationship. At least, that's what he thought before Emma Clark moved to town. On the very first day of school after summer vacation, she catches his eye and before long, she becomes friends with Stiles and the others. At first, he doesn't think too much about their friendship, but soon, Stiles realizes that he is completely smitten with Emma, and it appears that she might actually feel the same way. This frightens him because he didn't think that he could ever feel this way about another girl. A girl that wasn't Lydia. At first, neither of them know how to deal with their feelings, but after a series of events leads them to become closer to each other, Stiles and Emma's relationship blossoms. But with Beacon Hills being overrun with supernatural catastrophe's, their relationship will start off in a rocky place. Despite the distractions, Stiles won't let anything prevent him from removing an old love from his heart, and making space for a new one. 

*Loosely based off of season 3A.*

Copyright and all rights go to MTV, the writers, and actors of Teen Wolf. I do not own TW in any way, shape or form. I simply own Emma, and any other original character I come up.

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