Budapest » [Clintasha]

Budapest » [Clintasha]

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professional_dreamer By professional_dreamer Updated Mar 15, 2016

~ W A T T P A D    F E A T U R E D ~

A Natasha Romanoff & Clint Barton origin story.

❝My name is Natalia Alianovna Romanova and I work for the KGB. But my life is something of a lie.  I work for no one. I work for myself. And I always work alone.  I have a very specific skill set. I have charm. I have wit. I have sex appeal. I play to the common weaknesses of men, pulling them in on an invisible thread, ensnaring them in my inescapable web and striking mercilessly like a poisonous spider. For that reason, they call me the Black Widow. I'm cunning, ruthless and utterly unstoppable. I am a one woman fighting machine. I can do more damaged unarmed than most people could do armed. ❞   

❝My name is Clinton Francis Barton and I work for S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm the deadliest agent they have on a squad of suits and scientists. I'm the masked vigilante with a bow and arrow and I never miss. I have keen eyes. I have perfect aim. I have agility. I can shoot down any adversary from any distance, and they never see me coming. They call me Hawkeye, because I have the vision of a bird of prey and I strike just as precisely. I'm strong, I'm dexterous and utterly remarkable. I'm a one man invasion. I can cause more destruction with a Palaeolithic weapon than most people can do with a gun.❞  

Two nomadic souls; one American, one Russian. Completely unlike one another. Or so they think. This is a tale of prejudice, politics and passion in Budapest.

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Howliplier Howliplier Jun 19, 2017
I started this book like 2 years ago and i have zero clue where i left off ugh this is gonna take forever
80stczierr 80stczierr May 08, 2017
I'm only here and already I can tell this book is gonna be amazing
StarsandstripesXD StarsandstripesXD Jun 03, 2017
Everyone wants to know what happened in Budapest!
                              I can tell this is going to be absolutely awesome. And I'll probably stay up until 1 in the morning reading this..
AnkhGoddess AnkhGoddess Jun 15, 2016
                              must I say that you are definitely...DEFINITELY my type of writer. I like you
lethaqqxox lethaqqxox Jul 29, 2016
Hello would you guys mind checking out "the reason why she did it" we would really appreciate it. Thanks
batchofanxiety batchofanxiety May 07, 2016
I remember reading this last year, rereading it now. Oh my god I've got a rollercoaster coming ;-;